Riiti Fashions is the brainchild of Renuka Rajagopal, a fashion designer with a passion for creating unsurpassed Indian designer wear. As a young girl, Renuka modeled, placed, and hosted in multiple fashion shows, including Vimal Suitings. But her love for clothing trends did not just stop at modeling. Renuka also designed clothing for her family and friends. As a person of North Indian origin who grew up in South India, Renuka has the luxury of exposure to both North and South traditions. When creating Riiti Fashions, her manifesto was to represent every area of India through fashion. Her own Riitika collection is a result of her exquisite taste in elegant clothing and a reflection of her keen eye for fashion. No one piece is the same as the other.

Renuka believes that fashion is less about what you wear and more about how the clothes you wear make you feel. This is apparent in the Riitika collection, where the designs and fabrics are an eclectic mix of classic designs and contemporary chic that evoke different moods and styles.

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